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Léon’s story is real and authentic, far from the marketing concepts appearing in town…

Established more than 100 years ago in 189 in Brussels, “Friture Léon” was a small “estaminet” dedicated to mussels and typical Belgian dishes. Quickly, its reputation expended out of the Belgium borders. A century later in 1989, the first “Léon” restaurant opened in Paris, dedicated of course to these famous traditional dishes…

Our restaurants have kept their Belgian spirit; our teams are welcoming everyone in a convivial, authentic and warm atmosphere, just as in Brussels. The company has 78 restaurants in France in which we ensure fresh products and good moments to share..

Discover our new urban restauration concept Léon de B in Paris and Lyon. The same freshness in a new atmosphere!

http://www.leondeb-paris.com/                         http://www.leondeb-lyon.com/

Key dates:

  • 1893: “Friture Léon” opening by Léon Vanlancker in Brussels
  • 1989: Opening of the first French restaurant Place de la République in Paris
  • 1991: Opening of the Champs-Elysées restaurant
  • 1995: First opening in Paris suburb in Montlhéry
  • 1998: First opening in province in Chambray les Tours
  • 2009: Léon de Bruxelles celebrates its 20 years in France
  • 2011: 60th restaurant opening in Arras!
  • 2013: Opening of the first Léon de B restaurant at Lyon Mercière
  • 2014: Léon de Bruxelles celebrates its 25 years in France
  • 2016: Léon de B opening in Paris in the 19th arrondissement
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