Leon’s beer, the Pelforth

A light lager with a creamy mousse and a subtle balance between roundness and bitterness. 5.5% alc. vol.


A blond top-fermented beer and its delicious Belgian cuisine. Alc. 6,7% vol.

La bière de l’été, l’Edelweiss

A white beer of Austrian origin, which will surprise you by its freshness and its authentic taste. Alc. 5 % vol.

Le Spritz Belge New

Leon revisits the famous ltalian aperitif by associating the sweetness of the orange and discreet aromas malted and fruity of the Pelforth Blonde.

Le Catalan New

Passion fruit juice, Aloe vera, lychee, lime nectar, cane sugar syrup.

La Sangria blanche New

Peach liquor, white wine, exotic fruits nectar and fresh lemon slices.


Alc. 6,4 % vol.


Alc. 8,5 % vol.


Alc. 6% vol.


Alc. 8,4 % vol.

St Louis Premium Kriek

Alc. 3,2 % vol

Chimay Bleue

Alc. 9 % vol.

La Chouffe

Alc. 8% vol.


Alc. 5% vol.

Heineken 0.0

Alcohol free

(1) Alcohol abuse is bad for your health

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